Acne, Zits, and Pimples are all part of our lives, but wouldn't it be great to get them gone forever? With the products I use and the routine I keep up, you too can definitely get rid of your acne. ★ WHAT'S UNDER HERE? ★ ↓↓ SOCIAL MEDIA ↓↓ instagram: @cutiecaryn twitter: @cutiecaryn snapchat: search … Continue reading “HOW TO REALLY GET RID OF ACNE IN ONE WEEK (WORKS!)”

Acne, Zits, and Pimples are all part of our lives, but wouldn't it be great to get them gone forever? With the products I use and the routine I keep up, you too can definitely get rid of your acne.



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ACNE UPDATE!!!! Summer, Antibiotics, & Water! Acne Journal + What I’m Using + Thoughts:)

Neutrogena Deep Clean Pore Scrub
Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser
Caudalie Cleanser


I want to be sure to say that you should always speak to a doctor first before taking or stopping any antibiotics, botanical supplements, creams, scrubs, moisturizers etc etc. I also wanted to say im currently taking the "severe" acne treatment along with my regular over-the-counter products and im not yet on the maintenance phase.(You start on a higher dose/ multiple bottles depending on your acne, and then lower to one bottle for what's called"maintenance". I dont know everything about this or other products, so if you have questions here is their contact info: 1-800-399-4164. Of course if you want my opinion or experience with these or any other products im happy to share that 🙂 you can always email me or post a comment with your question and ill always do my best to address it!


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Acne Update! Skin Update! Journal + Face Diary + Dairy Free For Acne


Does Dairy Cause Acne?
Acne Rant
Acne Update + Do Pores Open and Close?
Does Makeup Clog Pores?
CVS Haul:

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How I Got Rid of Acne

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How to treat ice pick acne scars

For the latest in acne scar revision procedures- in depth explanations

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TCA peels for acne scarring
TCA chemical peels can be an excellent method to treat very deep acne scars including ice-pick, and open deep skin pores. Deep acne scars, called ice-pick scarring do not respond to Fraxel/ Fractionated laser treatments, but can be effectively treated with chemical peels. TCA cross stands for ‘Trichloroacetic Acid Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars’. Chemical peels work by stimulating collagen, lifting deep and indented acne scars.

How do I perform TCA for acne scars?
First of alI, I examine your scar types, taking notes and photographing acne scars under angled lighting. Depending on your skin type and depth of your acne scar, I select a concentration of TCA between 70- 100%. Most doctors use a toothpick technique to deliver the TCA chemical peel to the acne scar, however I invented my syringe delivery system- this is much more accurate, and much faster than older techniques.

I often combine several types of treatments for acne scarring in the one sitting. Shallow scars and rolling scars are best treated with Fractionated lasers/ Fraxel, deeper scars such as ‘ice-pick’ acne scars are best treated with TCA cross or punch excision. I also perform subcision to lift up tethered scars. Most patients will have different scar types, hence the importance to use the best method for acne scar removal.

How long does it take to recover from TCA CROSS chemical peels?
Recovery from TCA chemical peels are quick, and painless. This is because only the acne scar is treated, and not the surrounding skin. Scared areas are white for several hours, before turning red for several days. Each treated area (1-2mm) will remain red for one week before peeling. Full recovery is expected in 5-6 days, however redness may take a week or two to fully recover. Sun protection is essential during this period.

Can darker skin types be treated with the TCA cross technique?
Yes, even deep ice pick acne scars caused from zits, acne, and cysts can be treated with TCA chemical peels in darker skin types, however darker pigmentation is always seen after the peel, and can persist for a few months. The use of Picosure laser and sunscreen and a bleaching cream can reduce this incidence.

TCA CROSS chemical peel is an effective and safe method that is ideally suited for deep acne scars. Even with the event of lasers such as Fraxel and ProFractional lasers, TCA still plays an important role for the revision of ‘ice pick scarring.’ Acne patients often have several types of scars including rolling scars, ice-pick scarring, box scars, and bound scars. Always remember it is the method, not the machine that gives acne scar patients the very best results. Chemical peels, along with microneedling, skin needling, radiofrequency, fractional co2, Profractional, subcision, and dermal fillers give my patients the very best results for their acne scars.

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Dr Davin Lim
Laser, surgical and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

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How to Cover Acne​​​ | MissJessicaHarlow​​​


Acne is a four-letter word. I know that right now a lot of you are heading back to school. Instead of doing a typical back to school makeup tutorial (which is a boring everyday look no matter how you look at it) I thought I'd do something a little more useful. Here's a video on how cover up acne without looking like you're wearing a mask! Hope I helped! xoxo Jess

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Hi, I’m Jess and welcome to my YouTube channel MissJessicaHarlow. Here you can find me sharing my love of all things beauty, fashion, and style with easy makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, and my celebrity makeup transformations. You can also find a bit of humor on my channel as well with my random funny videos and comedic vlogs. My main goal with this channel is to help you look & feel your best. In my everyday life, I usually like to keep things simple but every now + then it's fun to experiment with different looks + styles. From natural makeup tutorials like the no makeup makeup, dramatic makeup looks like a smokey eye tutorial, to celebrity transformations like Selena Gomez makeup and Kylie Jenner makeup I’m sure I have a video for you! Xoxo SUBSCRIBE and stay gorgeous!

What Your Acne Says about Your Health

Skin specialist Sandra Lee, also called Dr. Acne Popper, evaluates in on the net rumor that the location of your acne outbreak can reveal underlying wellness issues.

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The Physicians aids you recognize the current health headings, such as the ice container difficulty for ALS and the Ebola outbreak; provides exclusive interviews with celebs handling wellness problems, such as Teenager Mommy star Farrah Abraham, fact stars Honey Boo and also Mother June as well as activist Chaz Bono; brings you disputes about health and safety cases from farming company Monsanto and stars such as Jenny McCarthy; and reveals you the current gross viral videos as well as explains how you could prevent an emergency circumstance. The Medical professionals likewise features the News in 2:00 absorb of the most up to date celebrity health information as well as The Medical professionals' Prescription for basic actions to get energetic, combat stress, eat much better as well as live much healthier.

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DermTV – Removing Acne Scars [ #61]

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Aggressive acne can cause acne scars, which vary from being mundane to emotionally debilitating. But fortunately is that they can be gotten rid of. Dr. Schultz discusses the various alternatives for eliminating acne marks.

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Everybody could have attractive, healthy and balanced, and also more youthful looking skin, as well as DermTV, the Web's daily skincare video clip show, will show exactly how by disclosing specialist pointers and strategies as well as by providing actual options for real skin care issues.

Skin care (whether cosmetic or clinical) previously needed a trip to your dermatologist or a buying spree at the drug store. And that's if you have a trusted close-by dermatologist or a regional educated drug store. However not anymore. We at DermTV are committed to earning best-in-class dermatology and skincare assistance obtainable to everybody, anytime, at your computer system.

Every weekday, our host, Dr. Neal Schultz, among New York's the majority of relied on as well as appreciated skin specialists (see biography below), shows skin care's most prompt as well as classic concerns. Subjects include: the best at home strategies and also brand-new modern technology for facial restoration, protecting against and repairing sunlight damages from wrinkles to skin cancer cells, breaking information in dermatology, basic skin care subjects, and also much more.

How to treat acne scars- Dermatology Secrets revealed

Much more extensive description on acne scar revision methods and also how you can analyze your acne marks

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Ultimate Overview early 2016 acne scars.

The very first step is to see if you have pigmentation issues -not really classed as acne marks, but this is debatable, or if you have actually contour modifications. The best thing to do is to examine under tangential or angled illumination, as this will reveal all. When this is done, marks could be subtyped and also mapped, with high resolution pictures. The 2nd aspect, which is similarly as essential is to take a look at marks upon animanation, particularly when you talk, smile and also relocate your face. This will certainly provide me a suggestion of the amount of tethering and anchored acne scars. Time and time again I get ask for 'exactly what is the therapy' with static pictures, an impossible task to answer correctly. Acne mark analysis needs to be done online- with the client in front of you, and illumination from all angles. Photos do not map marks too a live evaluation under magnifying as well as lighting.

I then choose the very best approach to resolve our acne mark kind. Once again it is the approach of acne mark elimination that will offer the biggest modification. Remembering of your skin colour, I design a strategy that could consist of –

Ice pick scars are best treated with chemical peels off such as TCA CROSS or punch excision
Rolling marks are best treated with fractional lasers Fraxel, INFINI Microneedling, Dermarollers, skin needling and also subscision
Box car scars are best treated with laser resurfacing utilizing a carbon dioxide or erbium laser such as Profractional
Atrophic scars are best treated with fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Bellafill, or perhaps fat transfer

Many facilities will by default 'prescribe' a laser treatment such as Fraxel, fractional laser, or have an answer such as Derma Roller or microneedling. Whilst these treatments can offer some results, they do not offer Gold Requirement acne scar therapy solutions.

A bespoke or individualised treatment technique is best, due to the fact that it is your marks that are being dealt with and not just a tool that is being made use of for 'acne scarring.' If you look at my acne scar prior to and also afters you will certainly discover one pattern- every person will certainly have a combination of scars as well as really seldom will a person have just one mark kind. Most people will present with a variety of marks, some patients will certainly have a lot more atrophic acne scarring, whilst others will have deep ice pick scars. Some people will provide with acne– acnes- zits and acne scars also. The combinations are endless.

So the first step I do is to ask- exactly what types of acne marks do you have? What gives me one of the most information is tilted lighting. This is how you visualise scars, as well as it coincides method I use to discover acne scars, map them out, then treat them. The majority of patients see their acne marks when lighting conditions adjustments, classic instances are when they are in the restroom, or in a dimly lit space, or when light sparkles at a certain angle. It might be at night in the car, or the reflection of glass or a mirror. I make use of the same concepts that people see their scars to examine, determine as well as treat acne scarring.
Any professional that does scar revision to a high degree would certainly use tilted lighting to figure out scar types and if suitable ask you to stimulate. Shining straight and also bright medical lighting discloses little, yet by lowering lights as well as beaming light at different angles reveals an entire dimention of acne scarring. In a lot of my forthcoming video clips you will see me using newer strategies such as INFINI PRP with PRP mask occlusion, as well as various subsciion filler combination techniques.

Many thanks for viewing, and bear in mind to subscribe- one new video every Saturday morning Brisbane, Australia time.

Dr Davin Lim
Laser and also aesthetic dermatologist
BRISBANE, Australia.

How to Get Rid of Acne & Acne Scars FAST!!

Are you fighting with acne or acne scaring? Here is a video revealing you the FASTEST method to get clear out it !! Please don’t hesitate to share your tale in the comments!

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