Firstly I wish to claim exactly how happy I am to my household as well as real friends who sustained me with this incredibly difficult phase in my life.
A big thank you to my-.
Uncle Andrew.
Uncle Diem.
Aunty Linda.
Aunty Kim.
Both of my Grandma's.
Both of my Grandpa's.
All my cousins.
Every one of my real buddies.

This is my Acne mark story, I hope you could be motivated by my real life experiences.

My skin hasn't totally healed yet and still obtains red after training sessions however usually its white or a bit pink on my cheeks with out the day. Its been almost 8 months considering that I had my laser procedure done.

I rejoice I went through this experience, without following my heart and experiencing every one of the emotional and physical discomfort, I would not be where I am today. I really found out a lot from this experience and also I hope you could all be encouraged from it.

Day-to-day is a discovering experience for me! Appreciate life and Never ever hesitate to fail. Without this experience I would have still been the same terrified person I was, dreading the days where I had to go to institution, having no instructions in life, as well as being clinically depressed and also eaten with anxiousness and contrasting myself to others.

I located myself via this journey as well as I will smile day-to-day cause the most priceless present we have is life!

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