Exactly how To Use the Banish Kit To Treat Acne Scars At Home

banish how to use banish kit

By Kali Kushner What Is The Banish Kit For? Sick of all those annoying acne marks as well as searching for a feasible option? Get rid of can be your relied on buddy in dealing with acne marks and also hyperpigmentation in the house.

Visualize this situation: you’ve simply acquired the Banish Kit and also although you’ve checked out the guidelines at the very least 5 times, you can not aid however be a little daunted by the bristles gazing back at you. You go back as well as forth, shedding the guts and also getting to utilize it, with a lot of inquiries remaining at the rear of your mind and also you ask yourself if you’re ever before mosting likely to utilize it!

Do not stress, right here we’ll damage down all you require to understand to make use of the Banish Kit!

What Is The Banisher? The Banisher is a microneedling device which functions the all-natural means to discolor the look of acne marks. It makes use of little (0.5 mm) Titanium bristles to carefully permeate the skin. These bristles develop microchannels that are invisible to the human eye, enabling far better item absorption and also faster mark recovery power. With each usage, the Banisher will certainly boost collagen manufacturing, with time producing brand-new skin cells as well as completing older marks.


The Banisher 2.0 is a stamp kind microneedle device. It’s a copyrighted device with 24k gold layered titanium bristles that’s risk-free, easy to use, and also efficient on acne marks contrasted to various other gadgets like a dermaroller. The mild pushing movement lowers the danger of cable car track mark that can occur from derma rollers.

Functions of the Banisher

  • has around 77 penalty and also sharp bristles
  • bristles size is.5 mm
  • 6.25″ high
  • Titanium bristles are covered with 24K gold

Why Use the Banish Kit?

The Banish Kit consists of vegan and also cruelty-free components that are risk-free to make use of in dealing with skin problems such as acne marks and also hyperpigmentation or also great lines, creases, stretch marks, and also body marks.

The Banish Kit services older marks and also is risk-free for those with darker complexion. Put on sun block for a couple of days after microneedling with the Banisher. It can assist with issues like unequal complexion or structure, smoothing the look of great lines, revitalizing the skin, as well as enhancing item performance.

Just how To Use The Banish Kit?

Making Use Of the Banish Kit is really straightforward, time-efficient, and also efficient in fading the look of acne marks and also hyperpigmentation. The Banisher in addition to the Banish Serum assists in boosting or keeping glowing skin and also they can be a wonderful enhancement to your skin care regimen.

It might appear a little frightening in the beginning, however making use of the Banish Kit is very easy! Simply comply with these actions:


Prior to you do anything, make certain you sterilize, disinfect, sterilize. Load the cap with scrubing alcohol approximately the fill line. Location the Banisher in the cleansing container cap and also permit it to take in massaging alcohol for 5 mins. Allow it air completely dry for 1-2 mins. You intend to make use of any type of massaging or isopropyl alcohol focused at 70%-90%.

Never ever share your Banisher with any individual else.

Alternatives: If you can not acquire scrubing alcohol, a number of options is to utilize a denture tablet computer in water, and also comply with the directions of package.

Clean Skin and also Hands.

While the Banisher is obtaining disinfected, ensure your face is totally tidy! Eliminate all make-up, clean, as well as rinse, dual cleaning is extremely advised. You can additionally place some isopropyl alcohol on a multiple-use cotton pad to clean the surface area of the skin. You’ll desire a totally bare face when utilizing the Banisher to ensure that you aren’t spreading out around any kind of germs or bacteria.

Target Areas You Want To Improve

Beware not to mark over any kind of energetic acne consisting of whiteheads, stay clear of making use of over any kind of breakouts, sores, or infections and also do not make use of over keloidal kind marks.

Determine where your hyperpigmentation or acne marks as well as carefully push the Banisher onto the skin – do not turn or drag the Banisher while it is continued the skin.

After marking, raise the banisher up as well as turn it somewhat when it is out the skin, as well as press pull back. Repeat 4-5 times per location.

Use Banish Oil or Vitamin C Creme

Use a couple of decreases of the Banish Serum to the skin with tidy hands as soon as you are totally ended up making use of the Banisher. We advise the Banish Serum for most individuals, nevertheless the vitamin c creme is extra matched for individuals with oily skin kinds.

A bit goes a lengthy method! You might really feel a small tingly feeling when using the Banish Serum. Once again, it’s totally regular specifically considering that Vitamin C is a little acidic. After a couple of mins, this sensation will certainly vanish. Inflammation in the skin need to diminish after a couple of hrs or by next the early morning.

Do not use make-up or cosmetics or added skin care till at the very least 8 hrs after, or the following early morning. Avoid of the sunlight and also put on SPF 30+ daily for finest outcomes. Mineral sun block is finest given that they’re much less bothersome however any kind of sun block you such as will certainly do.


Disinfect your Banisher with scrubing alcohol once again after utilizing. You can additionally clean up the Banisher by delicately rubbing with a fresh unopened soft bristle tooth brush and also soap, after that make use of massaging alcohol to sterilize and also put the cap back on.

With time, dead skin cells can accumulate in between the bristles as well as they do pall with duplicated usage. Consequently, it is suggested to change the Banisher 2.0 is after 8 usages or whenever you see the bristles are dulling.

You can utilize the Banisher 2.0 as soon as a week, or as soon as every various other week. It’s vital to offer adequate time in between each usage. Uniformity brings the very best outcomes.

Listing of Steps To Use the Banish Kit:

    1. Cleanse skin and also hands as well as make use of alcohol clean on skin.
    2. Spin the cap off.
    3. Put alcohol approximately the fill line, as well as spin back on. Allow the bristles totally touch snag alcohol for a minimum of 5 mins.
    4. Get rid of the cap and also allow the Banisher air completely dry for 1-3 mins.
    5. Press the Banisher 4-5 times on each location.
    6. Raise as well as revolve the Banisher concerning 90 levels each time prior to you push down, do not turn the Banisher while it is pushed onto skin
    7. Use a couple of declines of the Banish Serum, or Vitamin C Creme right after.


* Use 2-3 decreases of the product and also spread it uniformly on the face. Leave it on till the following time you clean your face.

* Use the Banish product day-to-day each night, or every various other day for finest outcomes


Did You Use To Have A Banish Roller?Yes, the initial variation of the Banisher wasone a roller kind device that we’ve considering that stopped after we introduced the Banisher 2.0! The Banisher Roller has bristles which are comprised of Titanium. Titanium is a solid steel that is not likely to trigger an allergy. Moving the bristles throughout skin can produce bigger cone designed networks, which is why we developed the Banisher 2.0. Exactly how Does The Banisher Feel? It relies on each specific nevertheless, most would certainly claim that making use of the Banisher does not

harmed, you will certainly really feel an experience

comparable to velcro being continued skin yet it’s most definitely acceptable. You can constantly numb your face initially by using ice on it if you desire to make issues easier. WILL IT LEAVE MARKS? No! It just produces micro-channels yet you can not see them with the human eye. ARE THE RESULTS PERMANENT? Yes, the

outcomes are long-term

to a level. With each usage, you’ll experience much better as well as far better outcomes

! It creates excitement in collagen manufacturing

-utilizing your body’s very own sources to recover from the within out. The all-natural aging procedure additionally occurs and also upkeep would certainly be required to assist keepoutcomes over a lengthy duration of time. CANISTER I USE BANISH PRODUCTS WHILE ON ACCUTANE? Accutane is a solid drug for dealing with acne. For those that are intending to take this medicine for dealing with acne, it’s ideal or advised to do detailed study and also seek advice from with your relied on skin doctor. While on Accutane, we do not suggest utilizing the adhering to Banish items: Banisher 2.0, or Pumpkin Enzyme Masque We suggest making use of the Banisher 6 months post-Accutane. The remainder of the&BANISH items must not create troubles while utilizing Accutane, you might intend to prevent making use of the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque as added peeling is most likely not required while on Accutane. CONTAINER I USE BANISH PRODUCTS WHILE PREGNANT? Banish items are made from all-natural active ingredients and also does not include the ones understood to potentially be hazardous throughout maternity, it is still advised to

  • check with examine doctor if physician products are items to secure

during pregnancy as well as nursing phases. THE LENGTH OF TIME DOES IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS? You might observe outcomes following day although it would certainly be even more of a momentary plumping result. As quickly as you awaken, you will certainly have the ability to inform a prompt distinction in your skin; it will certainly show up plumper for many, although everyone is various. For me

to see recognizable outcomes where I might inform my

indented acne marks were fading, it took around 3 months. Primarily, these are all the points you require to recognize regarding the Banish Kit and also exactly how to utilize it. Bear in mind! It’s still best to consult your relied on skin professional which outcomes after making use of the Banisher or Banish Kit might differ from skin to skin so do not stress right now if you do not see any type of obvious outcomes as soon as possible. The advantage is that the Banish Kit has a 45 day return and also exchange plan after it’s gotten! If in the uncommon instance you discover the set isn’t the best fit for you, simply send out over an e-mail to info@banish.com for an exchange or return. a Rafflecopterfree gift

As soon as you are entirely completed utilizing the Banisher, use a couple of decreases of the Banish Serum to the skin with tidy hands. CONTAINER I USE BANISH PRODUCTS WHILE ON ACCUTANE? We suggest utilizing the Banisher 6 months post-Accutane. Generally, these are all the points you require to recognize concerning the Banish Kit as well as exactly how to utilize it. It’s still best to consult your relied on skin professional as well as that outcomes after utilizing the Banisher or Banish Kit might differ from skin to skin so do not stress simply yet if you do not see any kind of recognizable outcomes right away.

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