Covering Acne Makeup Tutorial | Natural look

Covering Acne Makeup Tutorial | Natural look

just a lil somethin somethin. trying to make my makeup look a little bit even more O all-natural if you catch what im throwin
Ayy remain chillin and also do not allow anybody severe your mellow.
for those of you intending to beat me with a stick due to the fact that i didnt add the items listed below. take a deep breath and despise no moe.
thank you for putting in the time to read this message, your rocking my socks off as well as i wager you didnt even know it.

Micellar Cleansing Water- Done in One (Blue bottle).
Dickson's Improved Witch Hazel Printer toner.
L'oreal Magic Lumi Perfecter.
L'oreal True Suit Lumi Fluid Radiance illuminator.
Smashbox Workshop Skin- Color 1.1.
Air spun loose face powder.
Cover Girl Tru Blend minerals loosened powder -Light 405.
Maybelline Master Shape Package- tool to deep 20.
Perhaps line Desire Bouncy Blusher- rose petal 15.
forever 24 flush pallet – yellow shade.
Water for setting spray.

Maybelline concealer- color 15 reasonable glair (primer).
Lorac professional 2 pallet shades- Lover as well as Brown (lid base and crease) Off-white (brow bone).
Mac eye shadow in Folie (fold).
Stila Keep All Day Waterproof Eyeliner- Intense Black.
Maybelline Lash Heel- Really Black.
New York City Glimmer Eye Dirt – Champagne (emphasize).
L'oreal 24hr Infallible Eye shadow- 888 Cold Cappucino (highlight).

Xoxo .

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