Can You Dermaroll On Active Acne?

can you dermaroll on active acne

Acne is skin condition that millions of people face everyday. It can affect a person psychologically and may cause a lack of self confidence, something that I know all too well having experienced it myself.  

One of the lasting effects of acne is that they can leave acne scars. This condition makes everything seem worse, because the scars depending on the type can take several months to fade, or true scars can be permanent ( but there are ways to reduce the appearance of them, even the true scars! )  So far, there have been a lot of acne treatments that have been successful but a vast majority of people still suffer from the leftover acne scars. 

Today I’ll discuss derma rolling or microneedling and whether or not it’s okay to try this treatment for acne scars when you still have active acne. 

Can Dermarolling Cause More Acne?

If you’re thinking about microneedling or dermarolling your skin with active acne, stop right now. You absolutely should not dermaroll over any acne acne on the skin. 

This is because you would only further irritate the existing acne, and bacteria will be pressed on the needles and all those needles will just spread the bacteria further into the skin.   Microneedling over active acne or a rash would be one of the main reasons why you could get more acne after dermarolling.

Can I Microneedling With Acne?

It’s always best to try to get most of your acne treated or under control first before working on acne scars.  That’s because new acne can pop up and it may seem frustrating to have scars beginning to nearly disappear only for new ones to form from new breakouts. 

However,  if your acne has been mostly managed, you can start microneedling!  Just follow all the steps such as the ones provided in the Banish Kit.  Make sure you cleanse and sanitize the Banisher and your hands thoroughly. 

Do not microneedle over any active breakouts that haven’t fully healed yet, and also avoid areas where you feel a possible bump or new acne forming. That means you can derma roll or microneedling around the acne, but never near it where you may puncture the acne.   Tip: you can put your finger(s) over the pimple  to protect it while you do your microneedling session. 

Is Microneedling Effective For Acne Scars?

I used to think laser treatments were the only way to go for treating acne scars, but there are other more afforadable alternatives like microneedling or dermarolling.    It makes me so happy to see the effectiveness of the banish products in just a few weeks of use.  Although you need to be consistent, microneedling has been shown to effectively reduce the appearance of acne scars with few side effects especially compared to laser. 

The Banisher in the Banish kit 2.0 are mainly used to fade away the acne scars. The micro needles on the Banisher 2.0  trick the skin to think of the micro punctures as injuries and this stimulates the skin to create more collagen fibers to heal the ‘damaged’ area. Again, make sure not to use the Banisher over active acne as it can spread bacteria all over and cause more acne. 

What Helped My Acne

There’s lots of possible different causes for acne, you can go the route of your dermatologist but be patient as it can take a few instances of trial and error to find the right treatment for you. 

For me, one of the successful ways to treat my current acne had been the use of a topical clindamycin and alcohol solution provided by my dermatologist. It kills the bacteria on the skin and dries out the pimples resulting in clearer skin eventually.  I had used it twice daily and had been successful in getting rid of active acne over a period of 1.5 months.

Once clear, you can maintain your skin by targeting the root cause of you acne and incorporate healthy diet and sleeping habits in your routine. You can then use derma rollers to treat the acne scars.

I’m quite excited to use Banish and resolve my years long acne problem by finally getting some of my scars to ease up! 

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